Exterior Lighting

Successful exterior lighting designs develop safe environments that foster community.  They help create vibrant landscapes and trademark evening skylines, and demand a sophisticated balance of aesthetic, budgeting, maintenance and safety considerations.  CD+M's bold, thoughtful exteror lighting plans stem from our appreciation of the communities and lives influenced by our designs.

Da Gu Bridge  


The DaGu Bridge was one of the foremost projects to emerge as part of Tianjin, China’s massive city renewal project. Stationed at the center of Tianjin’s redevelopment area, the DaGu Bridge is a six-lane auto and pedestrian thoroughfare.

Sovereign Tower 


An architectural marvel that soars 635-feet into the skyline, Sovereign is a 50-story high-rise tower on Peachtree Road in the Buckhead district of Atlanta.

Ferrari World 


At over 200,000 square-meters, Ferrari World holds the title of world’s largest indoor theme park.  The vibrant facility offers visitors an insider’s glimpse into the luxury, technology and speed that characterizes Ferrari.


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